Saturday, 3 August 2013

CRoW act 2000 in Goyt Valley ends

Well the CRoW act 2000 that was enforce until the 31st July has now passed.

This morning I went down around 6 am to the dismantled railway path to see if there was any improvement in the ground nesting birds there.

The act was in place mainly to help curlew and lapwings restore their numbers. As I previously noted I had seen curlew down there but not lapwings. Lapwings are found on the pasture land nearer Buxton town and towards Fernilee.

One thing of note was a brown hare that I saw. I've never seen one in that area of the Goyt Valley before. There was also a mallard with ducklings on the pond near the car park. One very noticeable bird present was the red grouse. I saw and heard quite a few of them. I came across a flock of around 12 very near the car parks. Possibly looking forward to the glorious 12th. There was also a kestrel as well as meadow pipits in some number. An unrecognised type of finch was also seen. Pheasant was also heard. A cormorant was spotted on Errwood Reservoir.

No sign of any curlew or lapwings.

 A few people were out walking their dogs. I counted five in total, all on their leads and walked by friendly middle aged ladies. Who were quite happy to exchange the time of day with old Sea Duck. One noted that the act was a 'bit of a pain' but had just changed location for the exercising of their pet. Another noted about the increase in legislation on dog owners. An interesting point.

Another thing I noted was an increase in flowers. There was a very delicate white one that particularly caught my eye. Has the lack of canines running over the ground encouraged them?

Anyway the act has passed and while I saw no increase in either curlew or lapwing, other wildlife does seem to have benefited from the act being in force.


  1. Was up there the other day walking with my dog - very beautiful. And she routed out 6 grouse to boot!

    1. You usually hear and see some red grouse on every visit I find.