Wednesday, 14 August 2013

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We I haven't blogged for a while, the Sea Duck mobile is not feeling very well so me and my faithful Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound have been going elsewhere like Grin Low, Cunning Dale, Woo Dale and Lightwood Reservoir as our daily walkies to the Goyt Valley can't happen cause the car's kaput!

Chrome Hill from Parkhouse Hill

Oh well, c'est la vie.

Various things have happened, the Chief from East Midland Ambulance Service has gone to greener pastures. The common thought is he'll reappear in the East of England Ambulance service or Kings Mill Hospital. After EMAS's disastrous 'Being the Best' consultation where Mr Milligan promised to keep an ambulance station in the High Peak, does this mean that his going from the service will mean the promise will disappear with him?  I hope not, however, the acting chief a Mr Jon Sargeant is sticking with the 'Being the Best' proposals. You know where they can do more with less and was the subject of much jaw dropping from MP's, Councillors, GP's, Staff, Unions and general public, and much asking of the questions 'How?' I could and maybe one day I will write pages on this but for now I wish Mr Milligan all the best in his new position where ever it may be and hope Mr Sargeant is on the appointment list for the common sense fairy.

The sun behind some trees on the shoreline of Fernilee Reservoir.
New job figures show the unemployment is falling. Is it? Mrs Sea Duck is actively seeking work, but she's doesn't get Job Seekers Allowance, this is because you can only claim for a certain number of weeks. She had her JSA cancelled as she had overrun this time period and is now actively seeking work, but sadly at the moment unemployed. So she's not claiming JSA which appears to be how the figures are worked out, but she's not employed either. So I'm not sure I believe the figures given out by the government today.  Not claiming JSA doesn't mean employed.
Sunset over the Goyt Valley

Someone threw an egg at Labour Party leader Mr Milliband today. He took it rather well and made a joke about how good the market was for the availability of eggs. Not sure that was the way to re-act. I mean if he and other politicians make jokes about having eggs thrown at them maybe more people will throw then to hear a good jest. Okay unlikely that would be a reason, let's face it, it is common assault really and I don't want to seem like I'm egging (sorry) anyone on here. But would the 'not bothered' reaction be really the right one? When an egg was thrown at Mr Prescott he turned round and gave the thrower a very nice right hand jab, right on the chin. Did anyone throw eggs at him again? No they did not.

Did Mr Milliband's response show him to be a good egg, who knows? Okay I'm going to stop now.

Rather serious things are going on at New Mills town hall, you can read about it at fellow blogger's site High Peak Transparency

I'm enjoying the cooler weather, not one for the baking heat me, the weeds on my allotment are loving the warm wet weather. I can see Mrs Sea Duck sticking dealing with those on my to-do list. It would be nice to blog a bit more but duty calls.

Until then be happy everyone.

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