Saturday, 8 June 2013

CRoW act 2000 in force in the Goyt Valley.

What a glorious few days it has been in the High Peak. Wall to wall blue skies. Quite a few sunburned faces around including my own, must remember stronger sun block.

 I have been down and around Fernilee reservoir mainly as at the moment you cannot walk your dog off lead along the dismantled railway line in the Goyt valley.

This is due to curlew & lapwings, along with other ground nesting birds being disturbed from their nest sites.
Sign on the dismantled railway in the Goyt Valley

To encourage them to recover their numbers, the CRoW act 2000 is being implemented and enforced, where dogs must be kept on a short lead. Park Rangers are around telling people to keep their doggies under control and on a short lead. This is in effect until July 31st 2013.


I think this is under the reckless disturbance offence which was brought in with the Countryside and Rights of Way act. Which is supposed to protect the wildlife. There are a number of ground nesting birds present in the Goyt. Short-eared owls, Hen Harriers, Skylarks, Curlew, Red Grouse, Pheasant, but I have not seen Lapwings on the the dismantled railway. They do nest further away over the pasture area of Long Hill where the sheep & cows graze.

Hen Harrier

Well I don't mind the act being enforced. I just hope the park rangers are as strict with those who damage the hen harrier and short-eared owl nests as those people who let their dog off lead

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