Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow and wind and not much else.

Snow and wind and not much else.

Today we were hit with the snow storm that is crossing the UK at the moment. I went out to fill the car up at around 0630hrs this morning. The side streets admittedly weren't great, but the main A6 Buxton to Dove Holes (Fairfield Road) route was fine. Stopped at Morrissons to get some more unleaded and then back home. I saw snowploughs and gritters.

Buxton weather station has a site  Buxton weather site link which is updated every 10 minutes or so, where they post traffic reports too, as usual the A537 Buxton to Macclesfield road, Buxton to Leek roads the A53 Axe Edge and A54 were shut due to the weather. The problem seems to have been the wind mainly blowing drifts into awkward places across the routes. A crash outside Hayfield also seemed to have slowed things down.

Then off to do some shopping around 0930hrs, over to Harpur Hill to Redferns the Farm Shop Redferns Farm Shop , listening to High Peak Radio  as I went for any updates weather or traffic wise High Peak Radio 

Passing a chap who appeared to have a bump on St John's Road, no one hurt, I did stop and ask. I passed through Burbage to where a large traffic sign noting that the Cat & Fiddle and Axe Edge roads were closed to snow. Just in case any driver didn't notice the blizzard they were currently driving through. I travelled down Grin Low one of the roads which are described as passable with care and up into Harpur Hill. Harpur Hill was in dire need of ploughing. Several lorries appeared stuck and the local bus was struggling but managed to get through, well done that driver.

After Redferns, I joined the A515 which was delightfully clear of snow and carried on into Buxton to stop at a friends to help him out with the weather. The B5059 West Road and Macclesfield Road were not in a great state and another route in need of ploughing at that time. Then onto to check on other friends and a spot of shopping at Aldi. Then I started to see the ploughs, some big, some land rovers with a scoop on the front and also a quad ploughing the pavements. I was very impressed and I thank Derbyshire County Council's ploughmen for their stoicism in fighting the blizzard.

The current temperature is still -1'C, but the snow has thankfully stopped and the wind is playing with what it can to make drifts. Most roads are clear and gritted, still be careful when you are driving. 

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